An employee leasing company can provide businesses with temporary or permanent workers to fill their workforce needs. These companies are responsible for finding, hiring, and managing employees, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities. Employment leasing companies vary in focus and offerings, so it’s important to understand the different types before choosing one that suits your business needs. 

What Are the Types of Employment Leasing Companies? 

General Staffing Agencies 

General staffing agencies provide temporary or permanent workers for various industries and job types. These agencies often specialize in entry-level or mid-level positions, such as administrative assistants, customer service representatives, and warehouse workers. They typically have many pre-screened candidates with varying experience and skills. 

Professional Staffing Agencies 

Professional staffing agencies typically offer more customized services than general staffing agencies. They often work with clients to understand their specific workforce needs, and they provide tailored staffing solutions to meet those needs. For example, a healthcare staffing agency might specialize in providing nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals for hospitals and clinics. 

One advantage of working with a professional staffing agency is that they can provide workers with highly specialized skills and knowledge. For example, an IT staffing agency might have a pool of software developers with expertise in a specific programming language or technology stack. This allows businesses to quickly and efficiently fill their workforce gaps with workers with the exact skills they need. 

Executive Search Firms 

Executive search firms find and recruit top-level executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite positions. These firms have extensive networks and resources to find highly qualified candidates with the specific experience and skills required for these leadership roles. They typically charge higher fees than other staffing agencies due to the specialized nature of their services. 

Contract Staffing Agencies 

Contract staffing agencies provide businesses with workers for a specific project or period. These workers are typically temporary employees contracted to work for the business for a predetermined time, ranging from a few weeks to several months. Contract staffing agencies often specialize in niche industries and have a pool of skilled professionals available for short-term assignments. 

One of the main advantages of contract staffing is that it allows businesses to flexibly expand their workforce as needed without committing to permanent hires. This can be especially useful for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand, as they can quickly scale up or down their workforce as needed. For example, a business might need to hire additional workers for a seasonal rush or to complete a specific project. Contract staffing allows them to do so without the long-term commitment of hiring permanent employees. 

Contract staffing agencies also provide businesses with access to skilled professionals who may be difficult to find or recruit independently. For example, a business might need a specialized engineer or data analyst for a specific project, and a contract staffing agency can provide them with a worker who has the exact skills and experience they need. This allows businesses to quickly and efficiently fill their workforce gaps with workers with the exact skills they need. 

Outsourcing Companies 

Outsourcing companies provide businesses with various services, including recruitment, payroll administration, and HR management. These companies often specialize in specific industries or services, such as IT outsourcing or customer service outsourcing. Outsourcing allows businesses to delegate non-core functions and focus on their primary business activities. 

Choose the Right Employee Leasing Company for You 

Understanding the different types of employee leasing companies is crucial when deciding which one to work with. Consider the specific needs of your business and choose an agency that specializes in the type of worker you need, whether it’s a general worker, a specialized professional, or a top-level executive. Call us for more info!